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About Us

What Does Our Gastropub Offer?

The best gastropub nearby.

Outdoor seating returns and summer has arrived once again to the dismay and joy of many people, this is why we have brought back our outdoor seating, this area is located in front of our establishment’s front door entrance. 

Catering Services, we offer catering services for any special events that you may have in mind, this can range from birthdays parties, graduation, or even a wedding. These services can be held indoors or outdoors, and the capacity of people can go up to 80 guests. For more information click here

Daily Events, every other day we have special little events that take place such as Trivia Monday, Taco Tuesday, and Sunday Brunch, and every Friday and Saturday we have a live band. We’d also like to add that each Thursday we unveil our weekly specials.

Online Ordering, Do you ever just want a delicious meal that you can eat in the comfort of your own home? Well, it’s a good thing that we’re available on Grubhub, you can also call us directly to place a pick-up order. We “Celtic corner” offer pick-up but not delivery, sorry about that 🙁 

Happy Hour, During the time frame of 3:00 pm-6:00 pm there will be certain items from our menu that will be available at a discount, the discounted items will include both food and drinks. 

Weekly Specials, Each Thursday our chef will create a variety of new delicious dishes that will be available for the next week. 

Live Performances, This may be surprising to hear but we actually really offer a live performance every Friday and Saturday. The performer will almost always be different so if you’d like to know who’s the next upcoming performer then we’d suggest you take a look at our calendar.

We provide a local friendly Irish place that offers good beer, a nice wine selection and craft cocktails along with reasonably priced food.

As well as the printed menu, we have some interesting weekly specials. You can expect the best burger around, terrific wings and of course, plenty of Irish staple dishes.

We’ve have multiple TV’s for entertainment and music. Check us out!

As one of the best Irish Restaurants in NJ we strive to create the best experience for you possible.

Our Story

With a large, hand-hewn bar, authentic Irish woodwork, the Gastropub, and restaurant are the result of a dream of David McGoldrick and Roy O’Donovan,

“Our idea was to provide a local friendly Irish place that offers good beer, a nice wine selection, and craft cocktails along with reasonably priced food,” said O’Donovan. “We really wanted a menu and a price point that everyone in the area will want to experience,” added McGoldrick. 

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